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    106Wen-Yen Huang, Shih-Fan Lai, Hsien-Yi Chiu, Michael Chang, Maksim Plikus, Chih-Chieh Chan, You-Tzung Chen, Po-Nien Tsao, Tsung-Lin Yang, Hsuan-Shu Lee, Peter Chi, Sung-Jan Lin,2017,Mobilizing transit-amplifying cell-derived ectopic progenitors prevents hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation therapy,Cancer Research,77,22,pp6083-6096 (SCI)You-Tzung Chen
    106Wu SR, Teng CH, Tu YT, Ko CJ, Cheng TS, Lan SW, Lin HY, Lin HH, Tu HF, Hsiao PW, Huang HP, Chen CH, Lee MS.,2017,The Kunitz Domain I of Hepatocyte Growth Factor Activator Inhibitor-2 Inhibits Matriptase Activity and Invasive Ability of Human Prostate Cancer Cells.,Scientific Reports,7,1,pp15101- (SCI)Hsiang-Po Huang
    106Tien-Jui Tsang, David J Lundy, Ying-Chang Hsueh, Erika I Wei, Bill Cheng, You-Tzung Chen, Shoei-Shen Wang, Tang K Tang, Patrick CH Hsieh,2017,Subcellular localization of Survivin determines its function in cardiomyocytes,Theranostics,7,18,pp4577-4590 (SCI)You-Tzung Chen
    106Meng-Hsun Hsieh, Yi-Ting Chen, You-Tzung Chen, Yi-Hsuan Lee, Jean Lu, Chung-Liang Chien, Hsin-Fu Chen, Hong-Nerng Ho, Chia-Jung Yu, Zhao-Qi Wang, Shu-Chun Teng,2017,PARP1 controls KLF4-mediated telomerase expression in stem cells and cancer cells,Nucleic Acids Research,45,18,pp10492-10503 (SCI)You-Tzung Chen
    106Hui‐Lin Lee, Sheng‐Kai Lai, Pei‐Lung Chen, Chen‐Chung Chu ,2017,Identification of a novel HLA‐B allele, HLA‐B* 40: 238, in a Taiwanese individual,HLA,90,4,pp252- (SCI)Pei-Lung Chen
    106Ying-Fa Chen, Yung-Yee Chang, Min-Yu Lan, Pei-Lung Chen, Chin-Hsien Lin ,2017,Identification of VPS35 p. D620N mutation-related Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese family with successful bilateral subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation: a case report and literature review,BMC Neurology,17,1,pp191- (SCI)Pei-Lung Chen
    106Chu LM, Liu CC, Yeh CC, Chang YC, Hu CJ, Shih CC, Cherng YG, Chen TL, Liao CC.,2017,Increased diabetes risk and interaction with social and medical events in patients upon stroke: Two nationwide studies,Atherosclerosis,265,pp87-92 (SCI)Yi-Cheng Chang
    106Hung CL, Pan SH, Han CL, Chang CW, Hsu YL, Su CH, Shih SC, Lai YJ, Chiang Chiau JS, Yeh HI, Liu CY, Lee HC, Lam CSP.,2017,Membrane Proteomics of Impaired Energetics and Cytoskeletal Disorganization in Elderly Diet-Induced Diabetic Mice,J Proteome Res,16,10,pp3504-3513 (SCI)Szu-Hua Pan
    106Pan SH, Su KY, Spiessens B, Kusuma N, Delahaye NF, Gruselle O, Myo A, Creus A, Louahed J, Chang GC, Yu SL, Yang PC. ,2017,Gene expression of MAGE-A3 and PRAME tumor antigens and EGFR mutational status in Taiwanese non-small cell lung cancer patients.,Asia Pac J Clin Oncol,13,5,ppe212-e223 (SCI)Szu-Hua Pan
    106Chun-Nan Chen, You-Tzung Chen, Tsung-Lin Yang,2017,The data of establishing a three-dimensional culture system for in vitro recapitulation and mechanism exploration of tumor satellite formation during cancer cell transition,Data in Brief,15,pp545-561 (其他)You-Tzung Chen
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