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    1072018,,00,pp00-00 (SCI)Pei-Lung Chen
    1072018,,17 (SCI)Pei-Lung Chen
    1072018,,pp1-8 (SCI)Pei-Lung Chen
    1072018,,32,pp94-101 (SCI)Pei-Lung Chen
    106Chin-Chean Wong, Chih-Hua Chen, Li-Huan Chiu, Yang-Hwei Tsuang, MY Bai, RJ Chung, Yun-Ho Lin, Ya-Chuan Hsiao,  Fon-Jou Hsieh, You-Tzung Chen, Tsung-Lin Yang,2018,Facilitating in vivo cartilage repair by tissue-engineered cartilage grafts produced from auricular chondrocyte, Am J Sports Med.,46,3,pp713-727 (SCI)You-Tzung Chen
    106Chun-Nan Chen, You-Tzung Chen, Tsung-Lin Yang,2018,Application of three-dimensional collagen scaffolds to recapitulate and monitor the dynamics of epithelial-mesenchymal transition during tumor satellite formation of head and neck cancer,Biomaterials,154,2018,pp134-146 (SCI)You-Tzung Chen
    106Chiang WF, Cheng TM, Chang CC, Pan SH, Changou CA, Chang TH, Lee KH, Wu SY, Chen YF, Chuang KH, Shieh DB, Chen YL, Tu CC, Tsui WL, Wu MH. ,2018,Carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 6 (CEACAM6) promotes EGF receptor signaling of oral squamous cell carcinoma metastasis via the complex N-glycosylation.,Oncogene,37,1,pp116-127 (SCI)Szu-Hua Pan
    106Chui-Wei Wong, You-Tzung Chen, Chung-Liang Chien, Tien-Yu Yu, Syang-Peng Rwei, Shan-hui Hsu,2018,A simple and efficient feeder-free culture system to up-scale iPSCs on polymeric material surface for use in 3D bioprinting,Materials Science & Engineering C - Materials for Biological Applications,82,2018,pp69-79 (SCI)You-Tzung Chen
    106Cheng HW, Chien RJ, Cheng TJ, Wu PS, Wu HY, Hung PF, Wang CJ, Hsu YL, Wong JM, Yuan A, Wong CH, Yang PC, Pan SH*.,2017,The 2-anilino-4-amino-5-aroylthiazole-type compound AS7128 inhibits lung cancer growth through decreased iASPP and p53 interaction.,Cancer Science (SCI)Szu-Hua Pan
    106Chin-Chean Wong, Chen CH, Wing P Chan, Chiu LH, Ho WP, Fon-Jou Hsieh, You-Tzung Chen, Tsung-Lin Yang,2017,Single-stage cartilage repair using platelet rich fibrin scaffolds with autologous cartilaginous grafts, Am J Sports Med.,45,13,pp3128-3142 (SCI)You-Tzung Chen
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