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CategoryYearProject nameParticipantProject period
Research Projects2017To explore the mechanism of recurrence in patients with early stage breast cancer: focusing on the intratumor heterogeneity, monitoring clonal evolution in the plasma tumor DNA and searching for potential treatment resolutionPo-Han Lin2017-08 ~
Research Projects2017Delineate the immunoprofiling and tartget the undrugable in triple negative breast cancer with precision medicinePo-Han Lin2017-01 ~
Research Projects2017Explore the molecular mechanism of gene-environmental modifiers on the cancer penetrance of familial breast cancer: from clinical study to establishment of animal modelPo-Han Lin2017-01 ~
Research Projects2016RRBP1/GDE7 as therapeutic target for hypertension and aortic aneurysm: molecular mechanism and drug developmentYi-Cheng Chang2016-01 ~
Research Projects2016Translation research toward precision medicine in triple negative breast cancer: example from genomic approach to develop new therapeutic strategy of CDK4/6 inhibitorsPo-Han Lin2016-01 ~
Research Projects2015The impact of mitochondrial dysfunction induced by SUV3 deficiency on insulin resistance and type 2 diabetesYi-Cheng Chang2015-01 ~
Research Projects201579.Novel microRNAs Modulates Hemojuvelin-Hepcidin Pathway on Iron Homeostasis during Acute Kidney InjuryYi-Cheng Chang2015-08 ~
Research Projects2015The role of purine metabolism in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitusYi-Cheng Chang2015-08 ~
Research Projects2015The role of prostaglandin reductase 2 (PTGR2) in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and development of its small-moleculeYi-Cheng Chang2015-08 ~
Research Projects2015Therapeutic effect of 15-keto-PGE2 on type 2 diabetes and obesityYi-Cheng Chang2016-01 ~
Research Projects2015(continue study)Using next-generation sequencing studies the genetic variants of Taiwan familial breast cancer patients and searches new genes as well as to establish animal model to investigate carcinogenic mechanismPo-Han Lin2015-08 ~
Research Projects2015Study of familial breast cancer : Genetic diagnosis by NSG and developing homologous recombination assay for establishing the personal therapy in familial breast cancer patientsPo-Han Lin2015-01 ~
Research Projects2014The role of ALDH2 in regulation of renal function and diabetic nephropathy: potential therapeutic effect of ALDH2 agonistYi-Cheng Chang2014 ~
Research Projects2014The role of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 2Yi-Cheng Chang2014 ~
Research Projects2014Using next-generation sequencing studies the genetic variants of Taiwan familial breast cancer patients and searches new genesPo-Han Lin2014-01 ~
Research Projects2013Characterization of RRBP1 gene function in development of insulin resistance and hypertensionYi-Cheng Chang2013 ~
Research Projects2013Development and clinical application of ALDH2 activators in treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitusYi-Cheng Chang2013 ~
Industrial Collaboration2010Study on the MAGE-A3 polymorphism and MAGE-A3 and PRAME expression levels in NSCLC patients in TaiwanSzu-Hua Pan2010-08 ~
Research Projects2009Genetic association study of type 2 diabetes and obesity in Taiwanese populationYi-Cheng Chang2009 ~
Research Projects2009A muiticenter, randomized, open, parallel clinical trail comparing efficacy and safety of combinational ezetimibe and statin therapy with double-dosed statinYi-Cheng Chang2009 ~
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