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NameJui-Chi Chan
Student ID No.(Employee ID No.)D03455004
ClassFull-time student
Academic statusIn School
Grade1st grade
Year of entrance103
Graduating class6
Personal introduction Hello, Im Jui-Chi Chan.  My passion for biomedical research was inspired during the laboratory life in university.  I worked on microbial fermentation and assessment of the efficacy of health food for my research assignment in university and then I studied mitochondrial diseases and stem cell biology in graduate school.  In addition to research, I also like to think about various issues in education and philosophy, and try to understand the meaning of life by exploring the world through reading and traveling.  I expect myself to be specialized in translational medicine, trained for critical thinking, and educated as a problem-oriented researcher, so that I can propose pragmatic strategies to prove the truth in science, and promote the communication and cooperation between basic science and clinical medicine for a better future to come.


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